Day 1 | 8th July

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9.30am – 10.30am

Registration | Grosvenor Foyer (MMU)

10:30am – 11:45am

The Work of Our Learned Societies
Gail Marshall (Reading), Dinah Birch (Liverpool), Andrew King (Greenwich), Anshuman Mondal (UEA), Cara Rodway (British Library).
Samuel Alexander Lecture Theatre
NAWE: MaxLiteracy: Writing with Resilience through the Visual Arts.
Denise Bowler, Hannah Gaunt, Seraphima Kennedy, Pauline Rowe.
Grosvenor 3.01
The Jisc Historical Texts T&L Working Group
Bonnie Latimer (Plymouth), Brycchan Carey (Northumbria), Jerome de Groot (Manchester), Alison Urquhart (Jisc), Stephen Gregg (Bath Spa).
Grosvenor 4.01
Teaching English and the Didactics of Sustainability: Translating Educational Research into Practice
Sofia Ahlberg (Uppsala), Maria Allström (Uppsala), Sue Ericson (Uppsala), Suzanne Jeffery-Skiöld (Katedralskolan).
Grosvenor 3.12
Representing Female Experience in Comedy
Glyn White (Salford), Sarah Ilott (MMU), Katrin Kugler (Salford).
Grosvenor 3.02
Race: It’s Not Just About Representation
Lesley Nelson-Addy (Oxford), Tabitha Mcintosh (Birkbeck), Velda Elliot (Oxford).
Grosvenor 4.05
A Novel Response to Brexit and the Pandemic: A Critical/Creative Discussion
Maggie Gee (Bath Spa), Ellie Byrne (MMU), Catherine Wilcox (MMU).
Grosvenor 4.06
Are Children Still the Future?
Pam Thurschwell (Sussex), Veronica Barnsley (Sheffield), Dominic Dean (Sussex), Benjamin Liberatore (Columbia), Christopher Vardy (Durham).
Grosvenor 4.08
Doris Lessing: Out of the Archive
Justine Mann (UEA), Matthew Taunton (UEA), Nonia Williams (UEA).
Grosvenor 3.09
The Futures of Modernist Studies “Beyond Britain” (BAMS)
Jinan Ashraf (Dublin City), Daniel Ibrahim Abdalla (Liverpool), Andrew Frayn (Napier), Suzanne Hobson (QMUL), Juliette Taylor Batty (Leeds), Jade Munslow Ong (Salford).
Grosvenor G.11 Theatre
Taking Speaking Seriously: Oracy in HE and the role of English Studies
Tom F. Wright (Sussex), Marion Heron (Surrey), Stephen Coleman (Leeds).
Grosvenor 4.07
A Visit to Special Collections Museum at MMU: Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture
Rachel Dickinson (MMU), Emma Liggins (MMU), Sonja Lawrenson (MMU), Stephanie Boydell (MMU).
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12:00pm – 1:15pm

Literature and Ageing: The Difference Time Makes
Elizabeth Barry (Warwick), David Amigoni (Keele), Sarah Falcus (Huddersfield), Jacob Jewusiak (Newcastle), Helen Small (Oxford).
Samuel Alexander Lecture Theatre
Anglican Women Novelists: A Chaired Discussion
Catherine Wilcox (MMU), Judith Maltby (Oxford), Alison Shell (UCL), Jessica Martin.
Grosvenor 3.01
NAWE: Entering New Neighbourhoods of Writing / Writing into the World
Andrea Holland (UEA).
Grosvenor 3.02
Ecopoetics and Totality
Sam Weselowski (Warwick), Nicola Hamer (Warwick), Katharina Maria Kalinowski (Köln, Kent, UCD), Tom Crompton (Warwick), Martin Schauss (Edinburgh).
Grosvenor 3.09
Bringing Back Caribbean Women’s Voices From the Mid-C20th
Alison Donnell (UEA), Jen McDerra (UEA).
Grosvenor 4.06
Writers and their Work: A Snapshot of a Book Series
Christabel Scaife (LUP), Anne Rowe (Chichester + Kingston), Rory Waterman (Nottingham Trent), Ben Wilkinson (Bolton)
Grosvenor 4.04
Attending to the Auditory: Literature and Music
Delia da Sousa Correa (OU), Christin Hoene (Maastricht), Ewan Jones (Cambridge), Adrian Paterson (NUI Galway).
Grosvenor 4.08
Postgraduates Teaching English Literature in Higher Education
Jade Hinchliffe (Hull + Huddersfield), C. J. Griffin (Warwick), Aimee Merrydew (Keele), Wiktoria Tunska (York), Amy Louise Blaney (Keele).
Grosvenor 3.13
Global Literatures: Twenty-First Century Perspectives
Veronica Barnsley (Sheffield), Claire Chambers (York), Lindsey Moore (Lancaster), Jade Munslow Ong (Salford), Shital Pravinchandra (QMUL), Matthew Whittle (Kent).
Grosvenor 4.05
Sussex Writes: Transforming Outcomes through Cross-Sector Creative Writing Communities
Emma Newport (Sussex), Rebecca White, Jennifer Chinenye Emelife (Sussex), Tom Bamford-Blake (Sussex), David Russell (Sussex), Emily Askew (Sussex).
Grosvenor 4.07
Foundation Year in English Workshop
Naomi Hetherington (Sheffield).
Grosvenor 4.01
Medieval Books, Modern English Studies in Conversation
Clare Lees (SAS), Laura Cleaver (IES), Cynthia Johnstone (IES), Elaine Treharne (Stanford).
Grosvenor G.11 Theatre

1:45pm – 3:00pm

E:SF Salon: Clare Lees in conversation with Aditi Nafde
Clare Lees (SAS), Aditi Nafde (Newcastle).
Poetry Library
The Public Humanities in the 21st Century
Zoe Bulaitis (Birmingham), Sarah Churchwell (SAS), Sarah Dillon (Cambridge), Katy Shaw (Northumbria), Bambo Soyinka (Bath Spa).
Samuel Alexander Lecture Theatre
BAVS: Decolonising Victorian Studies
Patricia Pulham (Surrey), Charlotte Mathieson (Surrey), Olivia Carpenter (York), Adrian Wisnicki (Nebraska), Asma Char (Exeter).
Grosvenor 4.05
Creative-Critical Practice
Eva Aldea (Goldsmiths), Oli Belas (Bedfordshire), Gareth Farmer (Bedfordshire), Tim Jarvis (Bedfordshire).
Grosvenor 3.01
Teaching Postcolonialism Today: Contemporary Challenges
Robert Burroughs (Leeds Beckett), Caroline Herbert (Leeds Beckett), Emily Zobel Marshall (Leeds Beckett).
Grosvenor 4.06
Linguistics Applied: People, Professions, Practices, Perceptions
Marijana Macis (MMU), Mai Mguyen (MMU), Phung Dao (MMU), Piotr Jagodziński (MMU), Dawn Archer (MMU).
Grosvenor 3.02
Place Writing as Practice-Based Research: Time
David Cooper (MMU), Jane Samuels (MMU), Richard Skelton, Anna Turner (MMU).
Grosvenor 4.08
The Independent Researchers Project
Bronwen Price (Independent), Hannah Yip (Independent), Alicia J Rouverol (Salford)
Grosvenor 4.01
English and the Civic University
Jess Edwards (MMU), Caroline Magennis (Salford), John McAuliffe (Manchester), Evan Jones (Bolton).
Grosvenor G.11 Theatre
Multimodality and Creative Writing: Identifying ‘The Problem’, Presenting Solutions
Josie Barnard (Middlesex), Sarah Gibson-Yates (Anglia Ruskin), Amy Spencer (Bath Spa).
Grosvenor 3.09

3:15pm – 4:30pm

E:SF Salon:  Daljit Nagra in conversation with Rachael Gilmour
Daljit Nagra (Brunel), Rachael Gilmour.
Poetry Library
REF2021 Feedback Session
Greg Walker (Edinburgh), Dinah Birch (Liverpool), Robert Eaglestone (Royal Holloway), Gail Marshall (Reading), Willy Maley (Glasgow), Ben Doyle (Bloomsbury), Anshuman Mondal (UEA), Ann Heilmann (Cardiff), Simon Kövesi (Oxford Brookes), Jenny Richards (Newcastle), David Amigoni (Keele), Helen Small (Oxford).
Grosvenor G.11 Theatre
Too Soon: When is the Right Time for Novels about Crisis?
Ben Davies (Portsmouth), Christina Lupton (Copenhagen).
Grosvenor 4.05
Creative Writing and Poetry: The Changing Contexts of Poetry in England
Lucy Burns (Manchester), Joey Connolly, John McAuliffe (Manchester), JT Welsch (York), Evan Jones (Bolton).
Grosvenor 4.04
The Way Forward: Building Communities of ‘Englishes’: English as a Community Builder and Communal Process
Elizabeth Draper, Joe Barber (MMU), Jo Bowser-Angermann (Anglia Ruskin), Hollie Barnes, Pamela Dale, Heather James.
Grosvenor 3.01
Nineteenth Century Writing, and Affect in Fiction
Celia Brayfield, Ursula Jeffries, Caroline Wintersgill (UCL).
Grosvenor 4.01
Exile and Dislocation, Cultural Translation, and Information in Contemporary Fiction
Marco Neves (NOVA), Rehnuma Sazzad (SAS).
Grosvenor 3.02
Place Writing as Practice-Based Research: Fieldwork
Paul Evans (MMU), Ginny Battson (MMU), Kerry Hadley-Pryce (MMU), Anna Selby (MMU).
Grosvenor 4.07
A Writing Chance: Class, Writing and Publishing in Contemporary Britain
Katy Shaw (Northumbria), Katherine Stanton (Northumbria), Shaun Wilson (Northumbria).
Grosvenor 4.06
Narrative Voices and Creative Visualisations in Teaching and Writing
Kieran O’Halloran (KCL), Rumiko Oyama-Mercer (Meiji), John Gordon (UEA).
Grosvenor 3.09
Other Empathies: New Directions in Literary Animal Studies
Emma Barnes (Salford), Matthew Whittle (Kent), Timothy C. Baker (Aberdeen).
Grosvenor 3.13
25 Years of Beginning Theory: A (Celebratory) Roundtable
Peter Barry (Aberystwyth), Matthew Frost (MUP), Alice Bennett (Liverpool Hope), Tasha Alden (Aberystwyth).
Grosvenor 4.08
A Visit to Special Collections Museum at MMU: Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture
Rachel Dickinson (MMU), Emma Liggins (MMU), Sonja Lawrenson (MMU), Stephanie Boydell (MMU).
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4:45pm – 6:00pm

Plenary Session | The Samuel Alexander Lecture Theatre (UoM)

Walks Through Colonial Britain
Corinne Fowler (Leicester), with Raj Pal, Emily Zobel Marshall (Leeds Beckett)

The panel will be followed by a reception to launch the Decolonising the Discipline initiative.

6:15pm – 7:15pm

The Vice Chancellor’s Welcome Address | Grosvenor Foyer (MMU)

Manchester Metropolitan Vice Chancellor Malcolm Press will welcome English: Shared Futures delegates and open the reception.

Decolonising the Discipline Reception | The Grove (MMU)


Friday Fringe Event | The Salutation



KCLKing’s College London
MAHEManipal Academy of Higher Education
MMUManchester Metropolitan University
NUINational University of Ireland
OUOpen University
QMULQueen Mary University London
QUBQueen’s University Belfast
SASSchool of Advanced Study
UCDUniversity College Dublin
UCLUniversity College London
UEAUniversity of East Anglia


BAMSBritish Association for Modernist Studies
BAVSBritish Association for Victorian Studies
BSECSBritish Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
BSLSBritish Society for Literature and Science
IESInstitute of English Studies
JISCJoint Information Systems Committee
LUPLiverpool University Press
MUPManchester University Press
NATENational Association for the Teaching of English
NAWENational Association of Writers in Education
REFResearch Excellence Framework
YRUSOSYork Research Unit for the Study of Satire